Project: Master Planning For Commercial Complex

The proposed Commercial area is divided in 3 zones i.e. Noisy, Semi-noisy and silent zone. The semi-noisy zone (institutional and offices zone) is situated besides the recreational zone.  Thus, becoming the buffer between chaotic recreation and silent healthcare.  There is also a buffer of service apartments (a support facility for all the zones) which helps to maintain division. Principle road A is serving entry/exit to healthcare zone and Principle Road B is for recreation and institution zone. healthcare zone entry/exit is kept separate for the functional requirement.

The grand entrances to the plot with huge promenades is proposed to create an identity of the commercial zone. Parking Lots are planned along each side of the two principle roads and these can be multilevel parking as parking requirement in this area is more. Also proposed peripheral road which will take care of fire safety and services. Greens are key components in urban infrastructures. it helps in developing mental and physical health towards better human wellbeing and growth. so. each zone is designed with ample green spaces.

  • Location: Noida
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